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Kraissl Strainers and Valves  

Quality Assurance:

Kraissl Co. products are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.), Inc. and manufactured to stringent quality control specifications.

Models for fuel oil and flammable fluid service bear the Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) label.

Kraissl strainers are manufactured in accordance with International Standard ASTM F-1199.

Products are hydro-tested at 1-1/2 times rated (working) pressure.

Kraissl Company Patents:

  1. Patented double-element strainer baskets are available for Model 72 series strainers, providing 30 to 40% more straining area in same size housing.
  2. Misassembly prevention device - Assures proper field re-assembly for no-shut-off position with Model 72AA Duplex Valves and Model 72 Strainers.
  3. Return-seal stuffing box for Model 60 Oil Pumps reduces pressure on the stuffing box to suction pressure and minimizes leakage.